Laser engraving on Jewellery


In the jewellery industry, laser engraving systems have already replaced traditional marking methods such as mechanical, printing on pads, stamping and chemical engraving.

Whether it’s the traditional engraving on rings, adding a text to a watch or customizing a bracelet, laser engraving on jewellery can mark on a broad range of shapes and materials with extreme precision and speed.

TTL Vision System for absolute precision

The TTL (Through The Lens) vision system is the ideal solution for centering the marking on small parts, where extreme precision and very high definition are required. It is made by inserting a camera – with a high definition CCD (Charge Coupled Device) – before the scanning unit in order to perfectly follow the same optical path as the laser. With this technology it is possible to see the result of the marking, guaranteeing the precision required for centering. The camera management software, fully integrated into FlyCAD, allows you to operate in different modes: vision only, vision with manual centering, vision with automatic centering.