Optical measuring machines for the rapid control of each type of turbine


The series of Vicivision optical measuring machines allows to detect every detail of turbines with or without a stem. The design with direct access to the piece ensures maximum ease of loading and the fairing completely made of metal
offers the right protection from free oil in the environment. The position of the vertical piece ensures ease of loading also for turbines of large size whether you are using tailstock cone rather than chucks or cusps cone negative.

The upper tailstock top slides on prismatic guides with recirculating and a counterweight for ensure maximum precision and smoothness in time. The movement of the upper tailstock top is obtained by rack and pinion for maximum accuracy
in the phases of approaching to the part to be clamped. The Vicivision series is equipped with double compensation system of temperature for the diameters and lengths, that allows to operate in workshop environment.

With Vicivision you have the ability to measure the position of the known diameter, dynamically, on the impeller with a rapidity unthinkable only a short time ago, also thanks to the speed of rotation of up to 3 turns per second.
Also you can detect lengths, diameters, angles, rays and have a comparison of the external profile with a DXF file. All data obtained are collected by the system for purposes statistical and traceable, to produce results of measurement
and monitor the trend of production.