Measuring Crankshafts


When it comes to quality control of such complex parts, measuring crankshafts can be a cumbersome and time-consuming, process, possibly requiring an environmentally controlled room.

VICIVISION has developed a specific software tool dedicated to crankshaft measurements, able to provide dimensional control results of the highest accuracy. VICIVISION measurement systems offer a solution for specific dimensions of the eccentric pin:

· Stroke
· Diameter
· Roundness
· Cylindricity
· Run-out
· Timings
· Dynamic parallelism
· Radii

The software provides export to a DXF file of the pin radii before the rolling process, allowing the operator to save it along with the part serial number. After rolling the previously saved profile can be imported and compared with the actual profile in order to check the penetration parameters.

VICIVISION’s optical measurement systems automatically collect data and produce a measurement report in under a minute. Large volume manufacturers can adjust production parameters based on measurement trends. Adjusting parameters in advance means avoiding out of tolerance results and consequently considerable reduction in rework while increasing yield. With its tool wear in compensation function, the system can communicate with the CNC to automatically correct tool parameters. Reducing inefficiencies translates into increased productivity, yield and throughput. This allows manufacturers the ability to run more product while increasing customer quality and satisfaction.